Comic 83: Cross the Street

15th Jul 2012, 10:00 AM in Gunshot Club
Comic 83: Cross the Street
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DensetsuEX 15th Jul 2012, 10:00 AM edit delete
I calmed down on the zoomed shots, and will so from now on. I plan on doing some more drawn panels though, to prepare myself for Overcome. I plan on making it 3/4 sprite, 1/4 drawn. Maybe not every comic, but during important parts to show a different perspective.

You may also notice I got rid of my watermark in the bottom right corner. There's no real reason why, I just don't care for it any more.

I do apologize for missing an update twice these past two weeks. My parents want me to spend some time at our cabin, but I don't want to because:
1. It throws me off at work. Yesterday we had to rush home from the cabin, an hour and a half drive, to get me to work on time. So because of this rush, I forgot my work shoes at the cabin, my name tag and ended up taking way too long cleaning up. My shift ended at 9:30, I wasn't out until almost 11.
2. It gets in the way of my comic. I can't upload a comic at the cabin because there's no internet. There's too much distraction there as well, and usually I spend my days hanging out with my friends up there. That usually means I'm not in the correct "mindset" to make a comic.

I really need to kick myself into gear and start building up a nice buffer, so if I end up not making a comic I have plenty of time to pick myself up. At least until summer is over and I'm moved out for college, then things will calm down.
God knows what college holds for me though. Half nervous, half excited.

Anyways, 'til the next comic! I'm cooking up an 8 panel special as an apology after the next update. This will also get us through a long speech a certain someone has to make, and no, that someone isn't Alex or Sarah.
DensetsuEX 18th Jul 2012, 12:56 PM edit delete
Bad news folks, if I'm lucky I'll get at least one update up this week.
My mouse broke and without a mouse I can't sprite anything. Right now I'm actually posting this from my phone.
Sometime this week I plan on getting a new mouse, preferably a Razer mouse like the one before. Until then I can't update, sorry.
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Super Mario 17th Jul 2012, 7:32 PM edit delete
this comic sucks my hairy ass

what a shit
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