Comic 80: Dodging Accusation

10th Jul 2012, 9:00 AM in Gunshot Club
Comic 80: Dodging Accusation
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DensetsuEX 10th Jul 2012, 9:00 AM edit delete
Wow, okay, lots of news today.

First off, sorry about only getting three updates up last week. Me and my friends were too busy playing games and other stuff for me to really concentrate on making a comic. When I did make a comic (Comic 79) it took all my concentration to do so, much to the displeasure of my friends.

Onto more important matters though, I'm certainly getting four updates up this week. Today I sat down and wrote the scripts for up to Comic 92, which should be enough proof to prove I'm here to stay and finish ALR.
ALR won't finish on Comic 92 though, don't worry.

If there's one thing I've learnt from making this comic, I NEED MORE EXPRESSIONS. Sure I can edit most of them in, which is find and dandy, but some of the panels I feel need an extra touch. I'll try to do what I can for ALR, but I'm reserving most of my newly learned lessons for my next project.

Speaking of which, I do want to share some information about my next project.
I've entitled it "Overcome" for various reasons: It's mainly about overcoming the hard times thrust upon you and burdens, such as depression and addictions.
Overcome will star all of the same characters as ALR, Alex, Lucas, Sarah, Cindy and everyone else will make an appearance as characters. I'm also including some new characters I've never had the chance to use before in a comic series, they've either been stuck in my head or been used for stories.
Overcome is also using a new style of sprites I made from scratch, an example of them is in my avatar. I've barely scratched the surface of the work I need to do to finish all of my characters.
To put it in perspective, I have 23 characters to sprite. I sprite all the bases before hand and edit the characters onto them, I call it "Base Spriting", using a pre-made base for the sprites, except I sprited these from scratch. In total there are 10 different body types I've scratched up, 6 female bases (4 younger, 2 older) and 4 male bases (3 younger, 1 older). Female sheets have 27 poses while Male sheets have 20 poses.
Okay, let's do the math:
23 characters, 10 male, 13 female.
27 female poses, 20 male poses.
A formula: (10x20)+(13x27)=___.
I have 551 sprites to custom make on top of the base I made from scratch.
I didn't even realize I had to do that much until I posted this, wow.

Alright, back on topic and enough math.
Overcome is a whole new start for me, I'm rebooting my little universe of characters. What do I mean by this? Simply put, not everyone is going to be friends like I have in ALR. I separated all 23 of my characters into their own little social groups and linked them to others they know. Of course over time these groups will mingle, but how they'll do that is up to me.
This will open up all new stories for me to tell, on top of the ones of the characters dealing with their struggles and burdens.
My goal is to release Overcome sometime in September, and possibly finish ALR around that time too, but I'm not holding my breath for either.

Well that's all folks, 'til the next comic!
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