We're Back!

21st Jun 2012, 11:49 PM in Filler
We're Back!
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DensetsuEX 21st Jun 2012, 11:49 PM edit delete
It's true! I have returned.

I'm really sorry for the year long hiatus, truth be told I had no plans of coming back to this comic. But after a heartfelt message from a loyal fan on here I knew I had to come back.

Onto my news:

Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! will return. I just need to remake all the sprites and rewrite the script. However this is NOT permanent. I simply wish to wrap up the storyline I had planned out for ALR, then I'm closing the book on this comic. Why? That leads me to...

I'm working on a new project. Sort of like Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted!, as in it uses the same characters, but also different.
What will make it different?
All new scratch sprites I've been busting my ass off to complete.
A new story completely different from ALR and AL, with some new characters thrown into the mix to keep it interesting and fresh.

The new comic will be my main project after I have completed ALR. But don't worry, I WILL NOT rush to complete ALR, I need to buy all the time I can get before I start up this new comic. Also, it'd be no fun for me to just rush through it.

So thank you to everyone who is still subscribed, and a big welcome plus a thank you to the new faces on my subscribers list, who put with my hiatus for so long.

Truth be told, Alex does have a bit of a point. I've been gaming way too much. BUT THAT'S NOT MY ONLY EXCUSE. I also recently got a job, so that's been eating up a lot of my time. Then in September I'm off to college, so I have quite a bit going on.

'Til the next comic! I'm planning on updating again regularly next week!
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DerrickMichael5 22nd Jun 2012, 3:01 AM edit delete
[Insert interrobang here]
You're back! :D
DensetsuEX 22nd Jun 2012, 7:19 AM edit delete
Indeed :) it feels good to be back.
Eris Castor 24th Jun 2012, 2:54 PM edit delete
Eris Castor
:D You came back! Looking forward to the new comic and the conclusion to this one. C:
DensetsuEX 24th Jun 2012, 11:02 PM edit delete
Thanks :) truth be told it was your message that sealed the deal for me to come back!
Eris Castor 27th Jun 2012, 4:30 PM edit delete
Eris Castor
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