Comic 35: Going In

21st Jan 2011, 7:56 PM in The Gig
Comic 35: Going In
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DensetsuEX 21st Jan 2011, 7:56 PM edit delete
I decided to upload this early today because... Well I'm just right excited for The Gig to start, so let's officially start it now!

All the other characters besides Alex, June, Lucas and Cindy are GhostHands, except one of them.

I had a blast making this comic, but not as much fun as Twisted Society's show, which is coming up this Tuesday.
For the rest of what happens between now and the show, take a look at GhostHand's Underscore.
He'll also be doing a reaction comic for Twisted Society's performance on Tuesday.
His first band, Mental Lapse, performs on Wednesday and Thursday, which I'm doing a reaction page for on Thursday.
We're still deciding on whether or not to show the headlining band Feasting Fools (TS and ML are opening for FF), but either way this should be a treat.

See you on Underscore!
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