A new look for ALR?
by DensetsuEX

Well, since my recent revival of drawing, it looks like Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! will be getting a makeover.

Yes, it might just be hand drawn later on. I still have a few sprite comics to upload before we see if this happens.

by DensetsuEX

With Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! getting off the ground quite successfully I've decided to pick up other projects, dealing with mainly my many series and ideas.

One of these is a rewrite of a novel I finished over the summer. I scrapped the novel because I thought it was horrible after all. It's the real story of Alex and his crew, with most of them being a super powered race called "Gifteds" and having to fight off villains who threaten them and their families. It's mainly Science Fiction, as robots and a futuristic world play a big part of the story. If you haven't guessed, the story is called Gifted and I'm going to try to span it through five or six novels.

Another project is the adding of the original Alexander and Lucas series that was on Drunk Duck. It lasted, officially, 78 comics long, but not my longest series. The last comic (called Comic 79 although it wasn't really a comic) was a long "recapping" of what was supposed to happen when Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives was my main comic, until my computer crashed and I lost all my sprites for it, ending the series prematurely.

I might have two more projects going on in the near future. One is a MMBN styled comic me and a few friends were going to work on, but with them getting lives (lucky bastards) the idea slowly died, but I kept the sprites just in case. The other uses my scratch sprite style, a telling of the Gifted series with a bit of a different view then usual. The scratch style was originally made for the telling of what was going to happen in the second novel, and I lended it to my buddy Fayt for his own comic that "rivaled" mine. They were supposed to be called Gifted Chronicles: Demon (mine) and Gifted Chronicles: Angel (Fayts). Whether or not I get around to bringing these two projects to life is something we'll all have to wait for.

I also had another project idea in mind, a "crossover" between an old incarnation of Gifted and Megaman Zero/ZX. Originally, a long time ago, the Gifted series intertwined with the original Megaman series, using characters like Dr. Light, Dr. Wily and Bass. Some of these ideas still stuck around in Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives, but dropped when Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives to avoid possibly being sued by Capcom should Gifted ever gets published. The crossover hasn't really gone anywhere since I came up with the idea, but I might be working on it in the future.

As of right now though, my main focus is getting Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! as many comics as possible, and working on Gifted to see if I can get it finished and have it to my liking, unlike the original version.

by DensetsuEX

What would a sprite comic be without credits?

Alexander Legend, Lucas Buchanan, Cero Ray, Daren James, Cindy Willy, June Summers, Crystal Wilson, Sarah Maroon, Lillian London, Kennedy Jarenfield and all related characters are copyright of Alexander Sim aka DensetsuEX/ReaperEX/LegendEXE.

LordofNightmares, Daniel B., DBZGTrunks/Duke - Original Bastard, Drake Runner, Ran Cossack, Umiliphus, CardCaptor Sakura, Fragile Minds

HC Missile, Moon-something (made some furniture sprites), Smit, Fragile Minds

Thank you to everyone above, if you ever see this comic you should be able to recognize which sprites are yours.

In the Works
by DensetsuEX

Alexander and Lucas is currently a work in progress. I still have alot to finish for it. Hopefully I can get it done by next week, but no promises.