by DensetsuEX

What would a sprite comic be without credits?

Alexander Legend, Lucas Buchanan, Cero Ray, Daren James, Cindy Willy, June Summers, Crystal Wilson, Sarah Maroon, Lillian London, Kennedy Jarenfield and all related characters are copyright of Alexander Sim aka DensetsuEX/ReaperEX/LegendEXE.

LordofNightmares, Daniel B., DBZGTrunks/Duke - Original Bastard, Drake Runner, Ran Cossack, Umiliphus, CardCaptor Sakura, Fragile Minds

HC Missile, Moon-something (made some furniture sprites), Smit, Fragile Minds

Thank you to everyone above, if you ever see this comic you should be able to recognize which sprites are yours.

In the Works
by DensetsuEX

Alexander and Lucas is currently a work in progress. I still have alot to finish for it. Hopefully I can get it done by next week, but no promises.