History can be Funny
by DensetsuEX

So last night I decided to see if I could find my very first sprite comic that made it onto the net: Alexander's Adventures. Nothing came up however, but I can't say I was surprised. 

I did find something though. A comic on AngelFire called "Megaman's Adventures". What struck me as odd was that the author named his main character Alexander also. So I clicked on it and found something quite surprising: It was a comic based on Alexander's Adventures. Whether or not it was from a fan or a troll I have no idea, but it made me think of a few things. 

Around the same time of Alexander's Adventures and Megaman's Adventures, I was being constantly targeted for trolling on another spriter's website: Blademan.EXE's. If you don't mind scrolling through over a hundred pages of his guest book, you can still see the posts I left back then. 

Here's what I pieced together:

1. Either the author of Megaman's Adventures was just trying to honor me much like another spriter did when I was on Drunk Duck, and the trolls on Blademan's guestbook thought I was him. The author of Megaman's Adventures used the same name as I did at the time: LegendEXE, so this is a possibility. 

2. Much like various people around the internet, the author of Megaman's Adventures could have been an anti-spriter. These people hate spriting with a passion and will do anything to get rid of other spriters, even make crappier comics than anyone else. They're trolls first and artists last. So, the second LegendEXE could have been an anti-spriter who saw my old work and wanted to take my down by copying me and making me look bad. He saw me on Blademan's guestbook then proceded to troll me. 

What ever the reason was, it was 7 years ago. Now all it does is make me laugh, I was so young and stupid back then. I didn't even really learn my lesson until last year: Don't feed the trolls.

I was a much different spriter back then, at that time Recolors seemed like a successful sprite to me. Now, seven years later, a good sprite to me is something I made from scratch. Sure there's been plenty of times where I wanted to quit, heck last year I thought I was quitting again, but I always find myself spriting something sometime later. Spriting is a hobby and it's a habit of mine.

The Hero
by DensetsuEX

So yeah, this is a short story. I hope everyone enjoys it.


“People of the Earth! All hope is lost!” The broadcast overrode every TV, computer and phone call, echoing through the streets.

The time had come, the time the New World Order became real. But it wasn’t the salvation it was supposed to be, it was evil.

“We have the Chosen One, we have the sun under our control thanks to the weather control system, accept your fates as our slaves or die trying!” The mysterious man said.

I stopped beside a store’s window showing several TVs, all of them had the broadcast. Chills went down my spine as they showed the face of the so-called chosen one. My childhood friend had tears running down her cheeks, cleaning them of the dirt, and her once beautiful brown hair was full of dirt.

“No...” I said.

“As of right now the entire world is under our control. My followers will round those up who wish to serve me and deliver you to me for the chip,” he held up a small microchip in his hand.

Something poked my back, I turned around to see a soldier wearing a gas mask looking down at me, pointing the gun at my chest.

“Die or follow?” He said.

I smiled, “Neither.”

Yellow fire swirled around me and slammed into the soldier, knocking him back across the street. The yellow fire concentrated around my arms as I walked towards him.

He backed up, scared shitless at what he was seeing.

Other civilians also watched in horror at the spectacle.

“Tell him he has the wrong person, and if he wants the real chosen, he must return her alive, deal?” I said, grabbing the soldier by the neck and lifting him off his feet.

He managed to choke out: “Okay, deal.”

I tossed him to the side and waited for him to call it in.

“The Chosen One is in the square! We have the wrong one! Come quickly!” He said into his wrist.

I held out my hand and blasted him, killing him without causing any bloodshed. “Damnit,” I swore. I began to run straight, until I saw tanks coming down the road. I spun on my heels and stopped as more tanks appeared behind the crowds of people.

They scattered as the tanks inched closer.

“Surrender Chosen One! You are surrounded!” The soldiers from inside the tanks called out.

“How many times do I have to tell you guys?” I looked to the sky, “My name isn’t The Chosen One... It’s Alexander Sim!” I raised my hands, swung them down in front of me and blasted the tank, blowing it up.

Behind me a tank fired off a round, I spun to face it and made a shield as I did so, which the bullet smashed into and exploded on contact, blinding the view of the tanks.

They didn’t see me coming; I ran through the smoke and slammed my fist into the tank, sending it flying into the building down the street. The others tried to turn in time to fire at me, but I quickly swung my hand to the side, emitting a large yellow beam from it that sliced the tanks in half.

I smirked. This was too easy.

“I have received word that this is not the correct Chosen One! If that’s the case the real one must come to me, or I shall kill this girl,” the mysterious man said.

My smirk turned into a sneer. That just pissed me off.

“I will meet you at the park by the fountain. Be there Chosen One!” The voice echoed through the city.

“It’s Alex!” I screamed. I ran through the streets and passed the rubble. I had to save Rebecca, even if it means sacrificing myself.


“I don’t think he’s coming,” the man said.

“Why are you doing this?” Becca pleaded.

“Why? The world is dying, all because of these idiots who are slowly killing it!” He said, “Everything we do is killing the planet. We need a strong leader, someone who will lead them to a new era! If we can’t get one through voting, I’ll do it myself! The world needs a leader!”

“The world doesn’t need a leader,” I walked in from the trail and turned to face the man.

“Then what does the world need?” He asked, holding his arms out, “A god!?”

“No,” The yellow fire swirled around me again, “They need a hero.”

“And you expect to be that hero?” He laughed.

“Maybe, are you going to stop me?”

“Of course, I know what’s best for the world, not you.”

“You don’t know that!” Becca said, “Alex is right, we need a hero! We need someone to help us! Not control us!”

“Silence!” He said, “You aren’t apart of this.”

My fist slammed into the side of his face, he flew over top of Becca and landed on his back. “Pay attention when your enemy is standing across from you!” I shouted.

“Why you little pest!” He got to his feet, “I’ll destroy you!”

“Try it,” I stood my ground, eyeing him down, “Nutter.”

The man threw off the cloak and revealed Matthew Nutter, the one person who hates me more than anything, the only person crazy enough to think he could save the world by controlling everyone.

He was obviously angry, his face almost beat red, and weird darkness swirling around him.

I knew what to expect, we were complete opposites but exactly the same in our powers and fighting styles. The only main difference was that he was stronger, but I was faster.

He ran at me, but I blasted him back. I had to get Becca out of here first. I grabbed her and picked her up into my arms and ran outside of the park.

“Get back here coward!” Matt called out.

“Alex no! You have to go back!” Becca cried.

“I can’t leave you there and get hurt in the crossfire,” I told her.

“I’ll be fine, trust me!” She said.

I stopped by the TV place again and placed Becca down then untied her hands and legs.

People had surrounded us and began to boo, “You suck!” “Why’d you run away!?” “Are you chicken!?” “So much for the Chosen One!”

“Alex...” Becca looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll stop this, don’t worry,” I looked at her and smiled, “It shouldn’t be too hard.”

She smiled, “Be careful.”

“I’ll try.”


“ALEX!” Matt called out, “WHERE ARE YOU!?”

“Right here!” I ran around the corner and slammed into Matt, knocking him to the ground. I caught myself and flung back onto my feet.

Matt got back onto his feet and turned to face me, “Are you going to fight me or run away again?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I swung my hand up and sent another beam flying at him.

Matt barely dodged the beam, just inches from his face. He ran at me and tried to punch me, but I easily dodged it and returned the favour with my own punch to his gut. He bent over in pain and I slammed my knee in his face. He staggered back and I sent a beam straight into his chest, sending him flying back.

He landed on his feet and charged at me again, I ran for him and we caught each other. Our powers erupted into a huge mass of swirling yellow and black, enveloping both of us and eroding the ground around us. I threw him back, breaking the circle of yellow and black. I jumped over him and thrust my foot down into his gut, slamming him into the ground. I jumped back to give us some space and let the dust settle.

When the cloud dispersed, Matt could be seen standing calmly, but breathing heavily and bleeding from the mouth.

I cracked my knuckles and waited for his next move.

“Alex?” He finally spoke.


“You win,” he said as he fell flat on his face.

I sighed and held my head, I was feeling dizzy from all the fighting. A small drawback I had. I looked up in time though to see Matt slowly disappearing like dust in the wind, and I knew that I had won.

Now all that I had to do, was help everyone else get back on track.

Hey, a hero’s job is never done...



Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted Rant
by DensetsuEX

Besides my recent screw up by experimenting with the styles and update schedules, in my eyes Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! is going strong. Which is a good thing because it makes me happy to see this comic go so well.

The best part? I'm not running out of story ideas anytime soon.

Alexander and Lucas, the original series I hosted on Drunk Duck and am now reuploading onto Comic Fury, died because of several reasons:
1. I ran out of ideas for it.
2. I lost my interest in it.
3. My computer crashed and I lost everything.

Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! is still going strong in my mind. I have a ton of ideas still stored up in my head to be used, and I have several stories that have already been introduced that I can build off of. Not to mention the recent collaboration between me and GhostHands, which gives a lot more story ideas for me, and hopefully him too, to do. And if I ever run out of ideas, I'm not too worried, I have a few short stories I can use for this comic, and even then I can bet you it'll be a long time before I run out of stories for ALR.

A new look for ALR?
by DensetsuEX

Well, since my recent revival of drawing, it looks like Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! will be getting a makeover.

Yes, it might just be hand drawn later on. I still have a few sprite comics to upload before we see if this happens.

by DensetsuEX

With Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! getting off the ground quite successfully I've decided to pick up other projects, dealing with mainly my many series and ideas.

One of these is a rewrite of a novel I finished over the summer. I scrapped the novel because I thought it was horrible after all. It's the real story of Alex and his crew, with most of them being a super powered race called "Gifteds" and having to fight off villains who threaten them and their families. It's mainly Science Fiction, as robots and a futuristic world play a big part of the story. If you haven't guessed, the story is called Gifted and I'm going to try to span it through five or six novels.

Another project is the adding of the original Alexander and Lucas series that was on Drunk Duck. It lasted, officially, 78 comics long, but not my longest series. The last comic (called Comic 79 although it wasn't really a comic) was a long "recapping" of what was supposed to happen when Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives was my main comic, until my computer crashed and I lost all my sprites for it, ending the series prematurely.

I might have two more projects going on in the near future. One is a MMBN styled comic me and a few friends were going to work on, but with them getting lives (lucky bastards) the idea slowly died, but I kept the sprites just in case. The other uses my scratch sprite style, a telling of the Gifted series with a bit of a different view then usual. The scratch style was originally made for the telling of what was going to happen in the second novel, and I lended it to my buddy Fayt for his own comic that "rivaled" mine. They were supposed to be called Gifted Chronicles: Demon (mine) and Gifted Chronicles: Angel (Fayts). Whether or not I get around to bringing these two projects to life is something we'll all have to wait for.

I also had another project idea in mind, a "crossover" between an old incarnation of Gifted and Megaman Zero/ZX. Originally, a long time ago, the Gifted series intertwined with the original Megaman series, using characters like Dr. Light, Dr. Wily and Bass. Some of these ideas still stuck around in Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives, but dropped when Alexander and Lucas: The Old Archives to avoid possibly being sued by Capcom should Gifted ever gets published. The crossover hasn't really gone anywhere since I came up with the idea, but I might be working on it in the future.

As of right now though, my main focus is getting Alexander and Lucas: Rebooted! as many comics as possible, and working on Gifted to see if I can get it finished and have it to my liking, unlike the original version.